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Wedding at Manor House in Sieciechowice

The adventure that day began on the preparations of the groom, after which, as usual, we went with the cameras and cameras to the bride, the road did not promise to be complicated, however, a phone call to a friend, i.e. the groom, helped us reach our destination – when it seemed we think that we are at the end of the road in the midst of picturesque natural circumstances, a path appeared among the beautiful yellow sunflowers that led us straight to Marta’s house.

Already at the entrance we were delighted with the unique dress of the Bride – insanely beautiful, two-colored, peach, matching her complexion perfectly, creating a warm and subdued stylization. After preparations, Marta welcomed Andrzej outside the house, and we were also accompanied by the Telex team, with whom we later worked in the wedding hall.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful, bright church of Our Lady of Consolation in Krakow – our cameras love light, and there was certainly no shortage in this church. We recommend this church also because of … AIR CONDITIONING! – yes, yes, air conditioning, it was also difficult for us to believe it until we saw it ourselves. Simply the church a dream for photographers, as well as for young couples and faithful on hot days. The marriage oath provided a lot of emotion, after which an equally emotional exit from the church took place. We haven’t seen so much joy and happiness for a young bride leaving the church for a long time. The young couple took us to Dworek Szlachecki in Sieciechowice for fun, and the whole team was led by the aforementioned TELEX team. The previously prepared thank you movie for parents to Justin Timberlake’s song turned out to be a bull’s-eye, the parents of our couple were crying with laughter and emotions (see the movie in the portfolio), we also knew during the editing of this music video that the scenes from this film have played an Oscar measure 🙂

An additional attraction at the wedding were the wishes made by the guests by inhaling helium balloons. Everyone had fun under the armpits, we recommend this type of wedding accessory to everyone 🙂 We also took the opportunity to wish the bride and groom a changed voice 🙂

Welcome to the report.

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